CROSS Automotive GmbH takes over the majority of the Wethje Group

06.09.2007 - Wels/Hengersberg (Dtl.): CROSS Automotive GmbH has acquired the majority of the Wethje group, located in the South of Germany. The Wethje group is one of the leading Middle European manufacturers of carbon-composite parts for the automotive racing and premium segment.

The company was founded in 1979 by the brothers Reinhard and Reimer Wethje and employs in the meantime around 210 persons at the German locations Hengersberg and Pleinting. Premium automobile manufacturers and several Formula 1 as well as tour car teams count to its customers.
CROSS as strategic partner in the carbon-composite segment
With CROSS Automotive, a strategic industrial partner has been gained for the implementation of the following development steps of the Wethje group. CROSS Automotive, a 100% subsidiary of Cross Industries AG owned by Stefan Pierer and Rudolf Knünz, is looking for a long-term participation in the strong growing Wethje group. Especially the high technological know-how of the Bavarians and the future potential of the carbon-composite technology represent for Pierer and Knünz the factors of success for the further development of the company. The Wethje group will manufacture the technically sophisticated monocoque of the KTM X-BOW, which will go into the series production next year.
CROSS Automotive’s goal is to develop the carbon series production and to double next years’ turnover to around 50 million € together with the co-partner and managing director Reinhard Wehtje.


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